These Boutiques Are Perfect for Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping Boutiques
You are a Christmas shopping pro. You’ve spent countless hours wandering the aisles at the big box stores, picking up the best gifts. It’s gotten boring though. You are sick of going to the same places year after year. Get the change you crave by doing some Christmas shopping at these... [read more]

Visit the Hop House Southern Eatery in O’Fallon

Hop House Southern Eatery
You don’t need to travel below the Mason-Dixon line to enjoy down home southern cooking. You can get it in O’Fallon at Hop House Southern Eatery. This restaurant has made a name for itself by offering some of the best southern eats around plus a nice assortment of draft beer.... [read more]

Keep Fit This Holiday Season at a Local Gym

O'Fallon Gyms
Cookies, candy, turkey, and pies. It’s all a part of the holiday season. It tastes so good when you eat it, but you can’t stand the way it makes you look. Fight back this holiday season by signing up at a local gym. Then, you can indulge in those holiday... [read more]

Must-Try Restaurants in the O’Fallon Area

Restaurants in O'Fallon
You do not feel like cooking tonight. You don’t want to figure out what to make, and you don’t want to spend an hour in the kitchen to bring your idea to life. Then, to top it off, you really don’t want to clean up. You can avoid the hassle... [read more]

Keep Fit This Holiday Season at These Local Gyms

O'Fallon Gyms
Does this sound familiar? You spend all summer working on getting the perfect body so you’ll feel comfortable at the beach. Then, it starts to get colder out and you spend more time indoors. Before long, all that fab turns to flab. It’s a story as old as time, but... [read more]

Nature Parks Near O’Fallon to Visit This Fall

Nature Parks O'Fallon
People always talk about New England in the fall, but that’s just because they haven’t been to the Midwest. The nip in the air, the changing leaves, and the warm personalities make O’Fallon the perfect place to explore during the fall. Hit one of these parks so you can have... [read more]

Be Part of the Winter Musical: A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
Do your kids have the acting bug and need a little something to stay busy this holiday season? Then O’Fallon Parks and Recreation and the Katy Cavins Community Center have you covered. Enroll your children in the Winter Musical: A Christmas Carol this season. Limited openings remain for the performance.... [read more]

Cozy Coffee Shops Around O’Fallon

Coffee Shops in O'Fallon, IL
Coffee is a favorite year-round. But when cold weather comes, the thought of a steaming mug of arabica and steamed milk sounds even better. Whether you take your coffee black or filled with flavors and creams, there's a café for everyone in O'Fallon, IL. Check out some of the best coffee... [read more]