Plan A Trip To The Magic House Museum In St. Louis

Magic House

The Magic House St. Louis Children’s Museum is an icon. Your parents probably took you there when you were a kid, and now, it’s time to carry on with the tradition by taking your own kids. This popular museum still has your favorite old exhibits (hello, electrically charged ball) along with some new favorites. Check out some don’t-miss activities, and make plans to attend. At just $11 a ticket, you can pack in a lot of fun without spending much money.

The Favorites

Remember when you were a kid and your favorite part of the Magic House was touching your hand to that electrically charged ball? Your hair stood on end, and everyone laughed. Then, you could buy a button with your picture on it. That was always so much fun, and it’s still there. Kids love it just as much today as they did back then, so be sure to show it to your little ones.

Plus, the three-story slide is still there. This slide is a beast and the nemesis of many a teacher during field trips. Fortunately, you won’t have 30 kids to watch over. You can surely keep an eye on your kids as they fly down the slide.

Kids can also create three-dimensional impressions of themselves and enjoy the other favorites. Yep, it’s still the Magic House that you know and love.

Well, it is, plus a little extra. Check out some new exhibits.

Nature Play

The museum just added a new permanent exhibit called Nature Play, and it is already a huge hit. Mud is the main focus of this exhibit, and as you can imagine, the kiddos love it.

There is a mud kitchen where they can make mud pies, but don’t worry about them getting messy. They can wash off in the stream that runs through the exhibit.

This exhibit is all about connecting with nature. These days, kids spend so much time indoors on their phones that they don’t realize how much fun sticks, mud, and water can be. Just bring a change of shoes if you intend to take your kids to this exhibit. It can get messy, even with the stream.

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Forever Forest

The focus on nature doesn’t stop with Nature Play. There is also a new exhibit called Forever Forest, and it contains all kinds of neat information. Kids learn how trees are harvested and what products are made from them. They even learn about the food products that rely on trees. Plus, it has some cool interactive items, such as the treetop climber and wooden trains. Oh, and kids even get to help build a “house” in this exhibit. They can lay the floors, place the shingles, and more. It’s really cool.

This is just a snapshot of what is going on at the Magic House. If you haven’t been lately, now is a great time. Between the old favorites and the new additions, it’s a great time to check it out. It’s also a great time to check out our offerings at Serra Honda of O’Fallon in O’Fallon, Illinois. Stop by and pick yourself up something for the trip to the Magic House. You’ll love your new vehicle as much as the kids love the Magic House.